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What are my rights as a parent?

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Many! But, too often the parents question themselves because the "professionals" at the school seem to talk circles around them instead of being engaging with parents. The parent has many rights for their child... FERPA, FAPE, DASA...the acronyms go on and on.

Here is the biggest change that directly impacts children's learning that has been targeted at parents, family members and community organizations. Parent, Family and Community Engagement. In a nutshell, after-all, who better than you to influence and shape effective ways for your child, and others, to learn, achieve and advance academically, socially, emotionally and civically!

you have the right to be treated as the person who has spent the most time observing your child's learning patterns. After all, you've known him/her since birth in most cases, but definitely longer than the teacher , principal or the Board of Education...

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